Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 Released

August 31st, 2006

Mozilla has released its preview of the next new version of its Firefox web browser known as Firefox 2. The developers released second beta of Firefox 2 for test and for software development intentions. The beta 2 offer users insight of the new features expected in the final version which is set to release in October.

Firefox 2Along with some substantial change in skin design, the Firefox 2 will warn users when they are visiting a phishing sites that tries to steal username and password. To help users that close tabs accidentally, the browser will contain an archive of recently closed tabs. Another feature to restore the last status of the browser including all windows and tabs after a crash. An included spell checker that will check text entered into forms. New RSS feed capabilities with optimized search is also expected.

All of those features can be achieved in the current version of Firefox by downloading the extensions. You should not use Firefox 2 Beta 2 if you want all of your extensions and plugins to work properly.