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We are running on the state-of-the-art WordPress publishing platform. Our articles mainly consist of technology news, useful tricks, software solutions, how-to articles and much more. The web site is regularly updated with new articles and content for international audience.

What does "Roobaroo" means anyway? It's a Persian word that stands for "face to face" or "perceiving better knowledge of an subject." More importantly, it's a beautiful word and is to be pronounced as roo-ba-roo.

Our articles are inspired from questions asked by readers and from personal experience. If you have any question, navigate to "Contact Us" page to submit a question or concern.

This web site is managed and published just for adventure and thirst for knowledge. We will gadly publish your article or ideas on this web site, just drop us a line. We pay for our web site with the revenue generated from our sponsors and you are more than welcome to advertise your content on our website by contacting us.


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