Get out of Nextel Contract for Free

I received an email asking for a way to break Nextel contract without paying the early termination fee (ETF). Nextel With SprintFrom what I heard, Nextel does indeed has the worst service of all the wireless carriers. There is no easy way out of Nextel contract, just like Sprint contract, but there are two methods I know you can try:

Nextel and Sprint are both together. If you are attempting to cancel your Nextel contract for free (without ETF), you can call and request to be switched over to Sprint. You will be put on a new Sprint contract and just pick a phone that is free. You will not be eligible for a free or discounted phone if you bought a phone from Nextel that is less than 12 months old. If you are not eligible still go ahead simply buy a phone because you will be refunded in the end. You should no longer be in contract with Nextel once your service, the number and the plan, has been transfered to Sprint. Make sure you don’t use your new phone or make any calls. Now you need to cancel your Sprint account by going into a store and requesting to cancel. They will take your new phone back and cancel the account. The fine print for return policy located on Sprint contract states 14 days satisfactory, no questions asked. But they have recently implemented a new policy stating you are not allowed to do this if you are switching over from Nextel. A friend of mine did this just few weeks back and was successful. He is currently a happy Cingular wireless customer. This method is YMMV (your mileage may vary). If you get rejected in the stores, try calling Sprint to cancel.

Another method to get out of Nextel’s contract is if you are moving to somewhere where there is no service from Nextel or Sprint in this case. Ore City, TX is a perfect example where Nextel or Sprint offers no service. Call them and say you want to cancel because there is no service in Ore City, TX. Remember, you need to be persistent. If they turn you down, try again with another CSR (customer service representative).

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