Microsoft Extends Xbox Warranty

December 24th, 2006

The original Xbox 360 video game console had 90-days U.S. and Canadian warranty limit. Recently Microsoft Corp. has planned to extend the warranty to one year which will make it consistent with warranty offered in other counXbox 360 Warrantytries and match the one-year warranty offered by other video game console companies: Wii by Nintendo Co. and the PlayStation 3 by Sony Corp.

Both the present and future owners of the Xbox 360 gaming console are eligible for the warranty. Xbox 360 customer can get reimbursed for paid repair bills given that they’ve owned the console for less than one year. This fall, Microsoft was sued since some Xbox 360 consoles were damaged from an online update.

Free Opera Browser for Nintendo Wii

December 20th, 2006

Nintendo Wii With OperaA free trial copy of the Opera Web browser will be available for Nintendo Wii console starting Friday. The full and final version of the Opera Web browser will be released by March 2007. Users can download the Opera browser for free until June 2007. After that date, a user can download the Opera Web browser through the Wii Shop Channel for 500 Wii points.

By introducing these kind bonus features, Nintendo hopes to promote its new console which has already sold over 100,000 units in United Kingdom. The new Internet Channel powered by Opera will accompany the Disc Channel, the Mii Channel, the Wii Shop Channel and the Forecast Channel.

Nintendo claims Wii is the perfect console for people of all ages and family since it offers excellent services and entertainment.

Microsoft Word Flaw Investigated

December 7th, 2006

Copies of Microsoft Office Word sold between 2000 through 2006 are infected with a contemporary security flaw which allows malicious hackers to seize control of users’ PCs through an email with a Word document attached.

On Tuesday, Microsoft Corp. issued a security advisory about the possible threat. Security “advisory” is considered less urgent threat compared to other security notification but the attacks are being investigated by the company.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Office Word 2007, currently designed for businesses, is not exposed to malicious attacks. The company has not released a patch to address the problem as of Wednesday. A user can be a victim if he or she opens a Word document attachment in the e-mail. It is recommended that users refrain from opening or saving unknown attachments, even if it is from a friend.

Get Windows XP Free With a Catch

December 5th, 2006

Soon a free virtualized copy of Windows XP SP2 will be freely distributed by Microsoft so it can help developers switch IE6 programs to IE7. The only catch is the legit copy of the Windows XP will expire on April 1, 2007. You can download the PC image, with limited time, which comes with WIndows XP LOGOpre-activated copy of Windows XP Service Pack 2, IE6 and the IE7 Readiness Toolkit. Although Microsoft says it is the only solution to run both versions of Internet Explorer browsers together, there are other ways to run multiple versions of Internet Explorer together. Microsoft does not offer support for these installations.

Recently, Microsoft has made Virtual PC 2004 a freeware software along with the release of Windows XP Service Pack 1. The company hopes to make Virtual PC 2007 a free download utility with Windows Vista support service.

If you are interested in a free copy of Windows XP, you will need Virtual PC to open the PC image when it is available. The Internet Explorer team at Microsoft is working toward the shipment of VPC images along with the previous IE versions such as Internet Explorer 5 and Multilanguage.

Russia Agrees to Shut Down Allofmp3

December 3rd, 2006

Russia has agreed with U.S. Trade Representative mp3for an acceptance into the Word Trade Organization in return to crack down on web sites that offer illegal downloads. In response, Russia has ordered to shut down the site as part of the general crack down on illegal web sites.

United States says the company does not have the proper consent of its copyright holders. argues that it pays royalties to the music industry through a Russian organisation making it in full compliance with the Russian copyright law.

There are many internationally based web sites like Allofmp3 which offers music download service, and are continually coming under pressure from other countries to shut down. Many movie studios and music labels companies agree that these kinds of sites do not have permission to sell music since they do not pay the copyright holders.