Run Multiple Versions of IE on Your PC

November 26th, 2006

Multiple Internet ExplorerAlthough Internet Explorer 7 has been released, many users still use Internet Explorer 6 on their machine. For web developers, it’s a different story because the new IE7 modified few things which make sites have a different design in both IE6 and IE7 browser version. Using both Internet Explorer 6 and 7 might be useless to a normal user but very helpful to a web developer who needs to make sure his or her sites are compatible with different browsers.

To have both IE6 and IE7 version installed on your computer, you need to install the standalone versions of Internet Explorer. By that I mean there are automatic standalone IE installers that you can download and install to get different version of Internet Explorer running on your PC in no time. Here are the two possible download scenarios:

If you have installed IE7 on your computer and would like to install older versions of IE, you should download the Multiple IE installer. This program can install your choice of standalone IE3 IE4.01 IE5 IE5.5 and IE6.

If you already have Internet Explorer 6 installed and wish to install IE7 while keeping IE7 then you should download Internet Explorer 7 standalone Installer. Simply download and run the program and it will automatically install standalone IE7.

Quad Core Now a Reality

November 16th, 2006

Intel Corp, world’s biggest computer chip producer, has unveiled its new quad core processors which promises to improve processing speed hugely over single or dual core processors. The recent new processors with multiple cores designate more complicated jobs at once on machines.Intel Quad Core Reality

Intel also released four server processors under the Xeon 5300 series and another one under Core 2 Extreme. These processors are advantageous for programming, hard core gaming, and processor intensive application.

The new 5300 processor chips use the same amount of power but are capable of as much as four times faster than the previous single-core models. The Core 2 Extreme chip achieves up to 80% faster speed than previous single core processors. Intel’s competitor, AMD, hopes to release its own version of quad core revival in mid 2007.

Freeware PlayStation 3 Video Converter

November 15th, 2006

Just few days after the official release of the PS3 console in Japan, there is new software that will convert popular video files into a PS3 compatible video files format. The program, PSP Video 9, is a freeware video converter for the newly released PlayStation 3 console. The software will convert popular video formats like DivX, AVI, and Mpeg into playable video files for your PS3 gaming console.PlayStation 3 Convert

PS3 Video 9 is compatible with Videora, a video downloading application, and together they allow you to automatically download and convert many video files for your PlayStation 3 using RSS technology and BitTorrent. Red Kawa is also responsible for developing Wii Video 9 which will convert any video format into a Wii compatible video format.

Saving an Image From a PDF File

November 14th, 2006

Many PDF files you will find on the internet have some of the high quality images embedded into it and they can be very helpful for a PowerPoint Presentation. To get a picture out of a PDF file, you simply use the old technique of copy and paste. Follow the steps below:

    1. Open Your PDF file.
    2. There’s a tool in Adobe Reader called “Snapshot Tool”. It’s a small button with a little picture of a camera on it. Looks like this: Snapshot tool
    3. Once you have the Snapshot Tool selected, then marquee the picture you want. The picture is automatically copied to your clipboard.
    4. Simply open a program like Microsoft Paint and “paste” the screenshot. Then save it as a JPEG.

Lines Formed for PS3 Release

November 11th, 2006

PlayStation 3Fans of Sony PlayStation 3 are forming lines outside electronics stores in Tokyo, Japan, despite the fact that 16 hours remain before the formal release. A store requested all the PS3 customers to the opposite side of the street since the store did not want lines to form at the store.

Sony’s president, Ken Kutaragi, will join the host Bic Camera to celebrate the main launch by selling the first console. Due to the public outcry, most stores in Japan have resorted to a lottery system to figure out who will be eligible to buy the new PlayStation 3 console from the store.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is planned to be released in North America, Taiwan and Hong Kong on November 17th. Unfortunately Europe release date is set to March, 2007. PS3 is Sony’s first console in about six years with the new technologies such as Blu-ray Disc drive, high-definition graphics, wireless LAN support and much more.