Turn Off Sounds in AIM

July 13th, 2006

You might be using AIM for its ‘Get File’ function, and always stay signed on so you can access shared files anytime. I bet you have tried everything that you have found in order to turn off the annoying sounds. Settings will say “Do not play sounds”, but you will still get the sound of door open and door slam when friends sign in and out.

Once you choose the setting “Do not play sounds”, you will no longer get the message alert sounds, but the sign in and sign out sounds will still play. It will not work if you move the folder ‘program files->AIM->sounds’ to a different location in hopes that AIM wouldn’t find the path to find the sound. Follow the directions below to turn off the sounds in AOL Instant Messenger:

Double check that to make sure they are turned off by going to: My AIM > Edit Options > Edit Preferences > Buddy List > Sounds > Do not play any sounds. Below is the screenshot of the location to turn off the sounds.

This works because you might have turned off the sounds from the IM/chat/mobile section and not both areas.

Microsoft to Compete iPod by Christmas

July 6th, 2006

Microsft MP3 PlayerOn Wednesday, sources within the Microsoft Corp. disclosed the launch of company’s revival to Apple’s iPod music player; the release date is Christmas time. Microsoft has been revealing the new mp3 player to companies for weeks and is expected to send out prototypes in coming weeks. This mp3 player will allow users to download music and videos over the air, a feature that Apple iPod lacks. New software similar to Apple’s iTunes will also be unveiled with the launch. Experts believe Apple’s iPod was a hit because of its combination of hardware and software.

The company source told Reuters that: “They’re proposing an iTunes model approach. They’re now interested in controlling the whole vertical stack of technology from the device to the service to the software.”

Success won’t be easy as some experts believe. In order for Microsoft to have any odd of competing with Apple in the coming year, it will need to have the player along with the service ready for the Christmas season. Christmas season is the best time for any consumer electronic success.

Update: Microsoft Denies iPod Rival Report
The reports of Microsoft releasing an MP3 player for competition against Apple’s iPod were denied by Microsoft Corp. The report was based on “speculation and rumours.”

First Blu-ray Writer Unveiled

July 4th, 2006

Taiwan’s BenQ electronic company has disclosed its new optical disk writer manufactured to comply with the Blu-ray DVD format. The Blu-ray writer will be released at the beginning of July, making it the first on the market. Sony, Philips, and Pioneer, companies accountable for making and publicizing format, intends to release the writer at the end of August. If BenQ delays its release, then it will be in direct competition with the three companies.

Blu ray The BenQ Blu-ray disk recorder will be sold for $1,022 (€799). However, competitors’ writers will sell for double the price of BenQ writer, starting at $1,800. HD DVD, created by Toshiba, is competing with Blu-ray. HD DVD started selling for $499. On a DVD-size disk, HD DVD and Blu-ray can offer up to 50 GB of storage. Majority writers will also accept standard DVD and CD formats.