Create an Editable PDF Document

June 30th, 2006

A friend emailed me asking for help on editable PDF files. He wants to create a PDF file that is editable. By edit, he means PDF documents that people can fill it out, like tax forms. He knows that it can be done since he had himself filled out many forms but never created one. He reminded me his goal was to not to fill out a PDF, rather to create a form that is editable in certain fields only.
To be honest, I know many free PDF softwares to make PDFs files but not the one that can make editable documents. Nevertheless, creating a PDF document from a scratch is extremely difficult, even with the Acrobat Writer (Shareware) on your hand. The features of Acrobat for editing and creating PDF files are limited.

The best free PDF creator would be PDFCreator. This program allows you to drag any content into it, making it easy. You can also create Microsoft Word documents and save it as PDF format! Let me say it again, this program will convert anything you can find into PDF format document with just one click. Remember, this is an open source freeware tool. However, you cannot achieve the level of professionalism and organization like tax forms in this software.

If you are not looking for a long term solution, try Adobe Acrobat 3D software. This software offers 30-day trial period for free. You can take advantage of this program which includes all the powerful features of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional. This software will promise you organization and professionalism that you are looking for. Acrobat 3D software is not designed for an average person; you will need some basic knowledge about using programs.

Another software I recommend is Adobe Designer if you are not looking for a long term solution. Adobe Designer does not require much knowledge and it can be used by an average user. You can quickly design forms, maintain form templates, make changes, and preview forms. Once again, the output of this PDF will be looking professional.

Primo PDF is freeware software that will create editable PDF documents, but has limited features. To warp this up, there is not any free software that will create excellent PDF documents. If you are looking for a long term solution to creating professional PDF files, I recommend buying a software. For short term users, you should look for paid softwares that will offer free evaluation period. Almost all PDF softwares offer trial version. Go to Adobe downloads page for more tryouts under “Acrobat family” heading.

Watch FIFA World Cup Games Live Free

June 27th, 2006

This article is constantly updated

There seems to be an open door at ESPN Web site and it allows us to see FIFA World Cup games live online for free! You can watch any FIFA World Cup game for free through direct links below.

On June 22, you could of watched Ghana vs U.S. game by going to this URL.

To watch different live FIFA World Cup games, you will need to edit the url:
1. Replace the country to the home team
2. Change the date

    Here is the basic format:< # of game in day>.asx

    This format does not appear to be working anymore for some people.

To watch games on ESPN 360 Player (not recommended, but its the only way it seems to work for some people):
1. Click on ESPN 360 Link.
2. Click Launch Video Player if it doesn’t automatically.
3. Select “World Cup” on left.
4. Pick a game and start watching!

.Asx format links are updated daily, so check back:

July 5
France v Portugal

July 4
Germany v Italy

July 1
The games are not on ESPN today. It is sunday and if you still want to watch the games online, I recommend you visit the following link.
Portugal v England
France vs Brazil

July 1 – Update:
Point Windows Media at this stream:
Since the commentary is in Spanish, mute it. Then go to the follow URL for commentary in English:

July 1 – Update 2
Thanks techgeek, you can also watch the match through TVUPlayer on ABC; you will get the same quality as ESPN.
Download TVUPlayer

Hey guess what, ESPN is broadcasting the match. Watch it through the follow URL:
June 30

Quater Final Games
Germany vs Argentina
Italy vs Ukraine

June 27
Spain v France
Brazil v Ghana

June 26
You can now watch the games in ESPN 360 player for free since ESPN is giving access to everyone. Click Here

Italy v. Australia
Switzerland v. Ukraine

June 25
England v Ecuador
Portugal v Netherlands

Google’s GBuy, An Online-Payment Option

June 27th, 2006

Gbuy ChargeGoogle Inc. has decided to preface a beta version of its GBuy, an online-payment service, as early as this week. Google’s GBuy will be revival of eBay Inc.’s Paypal and such other companies. To allure customers, Google’s GBuy will offer undisclosed amount of rebate to consumers who fulfill online purchases through GBuy.

The service will be integrated with Google Adwords. There will ads on Google search pages, next to the ads will be an icon or symbol showing that the advertiser is accepting payments through Gbuy. Although consumers will be taken to the merchant’s site when they click on the ads, they will be able to use GBuy checkout process on the merchant’s site.

Merchants will be charged a 2.2% commission on a sale, along with 30 cents per transaction through GBuy. The fee per transaction is same as PayPal but the commission rate is also lower compared to Paypal’s commision rate of 2.5%. There are no discounts to be offered for Adwords merchants who plan to use GBuy as one of their payment option.

France’s Geoportail Deemed a Success

June 26th, 2006

The project, Geoportail, developed by France was a smashing hit after more than five Geoportailmillion users accessed the site on its first day of the release. Geoportail is France‘s substitute to the Google Earth, and it offers high resolution aerial imagery of France. The site was heavily bombarded by internet users and this allowed only one in five user to access the site. The state-funded National Geographic Institute created Geoportail and it hopes to surpass the US pioneer in the field, Google Earth.

The Geoportail promoters may need to maintain the access to the site by the use of passwords if the outstanding level of traffic to the site persists. On average a popular French site would receive about four million hits a day.

The project is worth €6 million, and it hopes to be as much as successful as Google Earth. Although Google Earth offers views of the whole planet, it limits the high resolution to only certain zone. The Geoportail currently covers the entire France’s territory including overseas and mainland. Users can easily switch from aerial view of a place, to detailed maps, geological data and charts. A three-dimensional tool is planned to be added later this year. The users are hoping to see a feature that allows them to zoom in within 50cm of the ground.

How to Clean and Repair Projection TV

June 25th, 2006

If you have a projection TV and the picture quality seems so washed out, you might need to do little cleaning up. Don’t panic because it is better then dumping the $2000 TV and buying a new $2000 TV. I had a same issue where my picture quality was bad. I was going to dump the TV anyway, so I disassembled the TV knowing that there are projection bulbs inside the set. I decided just to take a look at them to see if they were dirty or damaged. What I found was a thick layer of dust all over them. After cleaning them carefully, I assembled the TV back again and the picture looks as crisp as ever! It saved me a bulk just doing simple repair that might cost over $400 at my local Radio Shack store.

TV Overview
Here are the directions if you are willing to do it. Don’t move any part of the projector assembly. Contact a technician if you spot any leaking cooling gel around the projector tubes. Do this at your own risk because I do not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong! I take no responsibility at all!

  • FIRST UNPLUG THE SET! So, just because the set is unplugged doesn’t mean you can’t get shocked. Certain parts of the chassis can carry a residual charge that will injure you, by that I mean send you flying.
  • Gently remove the screws from the back cover of the TV set.
    Check to see if you have removed the screws around the connection area because the area will be connected to some sort of board inside. By connection area, I mean:
    TV Connection Area
  • Now, you should have the back cover removed by now. If you still can’t get it removed, look for other ways. I am sure there many ways and different T.V sets have different ways of removing back cover.
  • When you remove the cover, most TV will have a mirror attached to the back cover you removed and you will also see the 3 “guns” red/blue and green.
  • Rear TV view

  • To make sure you don’t damage your own TV, you will need a safe cleaning tool. You can probably use camera lens cleaner. You can find them at a local camera store.
  • Use the lens cleaner carefully to clean the mirror and lenses inside the TV.
  • TV lenses

  • For other sets, like Pioneer, you will want to enter from the front. You can do this by removing the screen first – this will give you a chance to clean the front too.

This should take about one hour if you are careful enough. Don’t use ammonia based cleaners on any plastic components, lens or mirror either. The ammonia can cause the plastic to cloud. To further educate yourself, visits the Web sites listed below.


  • How Projection Television Works
  • Precision Image Calibration – Optics
  • Exodus Tech Tips – TV Info
  • Rear-Projection Television – What You Need To Know – Lens, Mirror, Screen, Box
  • How to Buy a Rear-Projection TV
  • Feel free to suggest new sites!

    User-Selected Expands

    June 23rd, 2006 is a Web site that ranks various technology news according to users’ recommendation. The Web site currently only limits its topics to technology but it hopes to expand it through videos and topics beyond technology. Users are limited to tech-related categories such as hardware, gaming, digital-music and robots. However, on Monday users will start having access to entertainment and business news. Users will be able to post videos which can be non-news videos. New sub-categories such as games and science is also planned to be on general technology section. Users will have more personal choices like customize their pages, hiding certain categories or subcategories from the site. There will be user’s friends list where they can get the overview of what their friends find interesting along with other interest.

    Although Digg began as a technology news Web site in September 2004, it has received great amount of pressure from users to expand. It received 1.3 visitors in May compared to 129,000 a year earlier. The chief executive of Digg Inc. says more users have been posting news that has been non-technology related anyhow.

    Digg is unique a community which uncovers items that are rare and otherwise be hard to locate. Big companies like Time Warner Inc.’s AOL are transforming its Netscape portal into user recommendations Web site similar to Digg. The new redesign of Yahoo portal also introduced user-voted items. If Digg users stumble upon something interesting while surfing the net, they can simply “dig,” or post it on You can see at the bottom of this post there is a link to Digg it. The item that receives vote goes up on the list while item lacking enough votes are omitted over time.

    Amazon Introduces Groceries

    June 23rd, 2006

    Amazon GroceryAs an Amazon customer, you can now have your groceries delivered right to your door step. Amazon has recently started selling groceries on its Web site, but its service is limited. Unlike other online grocers that ship items to limited zone, Amazon will be able to deliver its groceries to any customer. However, Amazon offers limited items that are non-perishable like pasta, cereal, and canned soup.

    The ability to buy groceries was silently presented as a beta on Amazon’s Web site since May 25th. The beta evaluated the service before promoting in public. There have been many companies unsuccessful selling groceries online in the past. Much money was invested during the 1990s on online grocery stores such as Webvan. In 2001, the company Webvan went bankrupt after the dot-com crash incident. Webvan had planned to spend as much as $1 billion on warehouse network.

    Amazon claims to carry 10,000 non-perishable items along with new items added everyday. Plus all items are legible for Super Saver Shipping. Feel free to browse Amazon here for more information on their new service.

    MySpace New Age Restrictions

    June 22nd, 2006

    Recently MySpace has announced its new age restrictions policy Myspace_logo.PNGthat makes a few modification regarding profiles viewable by adults and minors. The new policy prohibits MySpace users who are eighteen or older from requesting to be on a 14 or 15-year-old’s friends list. However, if they know the teenager’s full name or email address, they are not restricted from requesting to be on friends list of a teenager. Another new rule will prevent users 18 or over from viewing full profile of 14 or 15-year-old.

    In addition to that, all users will have the ability to prevent contacts from people that not their age. All users will have the option to make their profile half-viewable to those people not on their friends list. While it is mandatory to know a 14 or 15-years-old’s email address or full name to be on his or her friends list, it will remain optional for those 16 and over.

    MySpace is concerned that they have no knowledge of the registered users real age or identity; hence a person 18 and over can still register as a youth and yet have access to full profiles. The new changes are expected to be in action by next week.

    Security Problem With Copy On Clipboard

    June 22nd, 2006

    We all copy various data by using the Ctrl+C or copy function for pasting elsewhere. This copied data is stored on your clipboard and is accessible over the net by a combination of Javascripts and ASP. Hard to believe isn’t it?

    Just try this:
    1. Select any text on this page and copy it.
    2. Click the Link:
    3. You should be able to see the data you copied on this webpage through the site you clicked. If not, congratulation!

    Next time, do not attemp to copy sensitive data (like passwords, credit card numbers, PIN, username ect.) in the clipboard while cruising the web. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to crack into your clipboard and extract the text to steal your sensitive information. If by any chance large amount of data is acquired by hacker, it can give away important and confidential information without any trace.

    Take a few minutes and follow these steps to protect yourself from being robbed.
    1. Go to internet options->security
    2. Press custom level
    3. In the security settings, select disable under Allow paste operations via script.

    Now the contents of your clipboard are safe. Pass this information on to create an awareness of the same.

    PSP Dead Pixel Fixer

    June 22nd, 2006

    Majority of PSP owners have dead pixels and they usually think they are stuck with it. I had a similar problem with my PSP and I followed many suggestions by PSP forums users but none of them worked. However, there was one PSP dead pixel fixer for me that worked like charm.

    Many of the first PSPs shipped with bad or “stuck” pixels. Although that is not the case today, many PSP owners will have dead pixels. I found a video that is based off a DVD that runs on LCD TVs to fix stuck pixels. You can get the PSP dead pixel fixer video by clicking here.

    This MP4 video flashes red, green, and blue frames rapidly and stimulates dead pixels into working again. If you need help transferring files, visit this excellent site which has step-by-step directions on how to transfer videos into PSP. Reports of success have been mixed. Remember to click the triangle button on your PSP when running the video and enter into full screen mode because default is a smaller screen. Please make sure you let it run the full 20 minute length with screen brightness on max.

    Here is a quick direction on how to transfer videos into PSP. You need to send video files to your PSP memory card. First create a directory: Drive Letter:\MP_ROOT\100MNV01 and place MP4 file in the dictionary. The MP4 file is located in the zip file you downloaded through this page.